Sunday, 20 November 2016

We're back again, after alot of problems!! - The Enemy Strategy, Divide and Conquer!!

We're now back, after as it seems our Blog was highjacked.  So we created a New one instead.

The Enemy Strategy, Divide and Conquer!!
 It's sad how the Enemy has been dividing people up one against another.

But another important lesson we as SRA Survivors has to learn is the following.

From the moment we go for whatever reasons into Solitude and Closing ousrselves off of the world, than we making ourselves open for total Frontal Enemy Attack on a Multitude of levels as i have now witnessed with a number of SRA Survivors.

Let this be a LESSON for OTHER SRA Survivorts never go into SOLITUDE as this OPEN UP DOORWAYS for the ENEMY to come into full force back into your LIFE!!

I wont go into giving names as i dont gonna give into what the Enemy is trying to do. As a saying goes don't do to your fellow human, what you want others do against you!!! 

As we now seen how the enemy has been able to come back through a backdoor in a Survivor and her Handler 'bf.' It is a sad attempt by the Enemy of GOD to destroy GOD's work in Bride Ministries with other SRA Survivors. It's sad what happened but they forget that in future times they have to answer to GOD [Our Heavenly Father] for how they now try to destroy a tool by GOD in order to help other SRA Survivors. Sofar the person in question has changed sofar a number of times her story as it seems. PS. The BM is still safe for SRA Survivors to go to and get any help with their Counselors / Coach[es].

But what has transpired since Halloween shows that we always needs to stay Close To The LORD and wont let our Guard [as in Ephesians 6] ever down, as thats lethal for Satan and his Minions to gain access  to us.

But this count for all GOD's Children to keep up daily 24/7 GOD's full Armor, see in below imagine!! 

Keep Up God's Mighty Fight!!!  Amen!!

Taylor xxx.